gilakas’la / čɛčɛ haθɛč, We are deeply grateful for, and respectfully acknowledge that the lands upon which we and all our Central Island Artists work, live and play are the unceded traditional territory of Puntledge, Eiksan, K’ómoks, Homalco and Tla’amin first nations, and the Te’mexw Treaty Association.

Art Alchemy Studio

Welcome to Art Alchemy Studio! Our studio is home to multiple artists creating unique high quality artwork, with a diversity of styles and techniques. Original paintings, glassworks, prints, artcards available.


Helen Utsal

I am lucky enough to spend some time everyday in nature. I am drawn to quiet places and old trees. I feel like they are silent witnesses to our speedy human comings and goings, and will remain long after we have gone. I find Nature to be my sanctuary, my space for meditation and renewal. In my artwork I try to capture those moods for others to experience. I use different techniques to relay different aspects of expression. I like to use unexpected colours that convey the impression of magic in the forest.

Maggie Ziegler

I am a mixed media artist, web & graphic designer. Originally from Alberta, I felt the call of Vancouver Island more than 10 years ago and made the move to this paradise. I have been transformed and inspired by the easy lifestyle and natural charm of my island home. My art is a reflection of the beauty that surrounds me and the deep sense of gratitude I feel for the experience of creative expression. I have had a life long passion for creating art and feel so truly blessed to be pursuing what I love. I don’t feel compelled to limit my exploration of whatever appeals to me as a subject matter; I’m happiest when I’m using bright colours and lots of layers. As with all things in life – there is no guarantee of the outcome so I try to remain optimistically curious and enjoy the process!

“Listen to your life. See it for the fathomless mystery that it is. In the boredom and pain of it no less than in the excitement and gladness: touch, taste and smell your way to the holy and hidden heart of it because in the last analysis all moments are key elements, and life itself is grace.” ~ Frederick Buechner

Nicolette Valikoski

Nicolette uses only palette knives to apply her unique, sculptural layers of oil paint which result in striking creations with rich texture and incredible depth. Her bright, dynamic explorations of nature are informed by her passion for contemporary interior design, resulting in paintings that evoke a unique sensation of being both indoors and out.

Sharon Lalonde

I have been exploring the creation of series, in my painting. The subject matter is a vehicle for the expression. My goal, with my work, is to focus on “unique voice” with consistency of style, of mood and of palette.

The wonderful thing about the creative process is the eternal potential to problem solve. One never “arrives.”

Lots of stairs

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